TÜV Siegel DIN EN ISO 50001

Energy management system by Schoepe Display in accordance with DIN EN ISO 50001

We are doing our bit to manage energy efficiently and use our resources sustainably. The installation of the energy management system was therefore a logical continuation of our quality and environmental management programmes. The following is an excerpt from our energy policy.

For Schoepe Display GmbH, the efficient management of energy and the security of supply for production are of central significance. These contribute very particularly to a positive effect on the sustainability of energy resources and are an important prerequisite for the high quality of products and services. To this end, the efficient management of energy is systematically and sustainably incorporated into the structure and workflows of our company. The required resources are provided.

It is a declared company goal of Schoepe Display GmbH to avoid immoderate or unreasonable uses of energy, taking into consideration the relevant legislation and regulations. The management hereby tasks all employees and departments with participating in the active realisation of the policy and in this sense with the careful application and further development of procedures and working instructions. Every employee has the right and duty to inform personnel managers and energy management officers of any unreasonably increasing energy uses they ascertain in any business area so that corrective measures may be set in motion.

Because energy-relevant activities are constantly tested to check their effectiveness, the organisation and the methods of energy efficiency will be continually adapted to the latest findings and requirements. The management supports the systematic promotion of optimised energy use by employees, so as to optimise energy facilities and to come ever closer to the complete avoidance of unreasonable energy use.

Schoepe Display GmbH is DIN EN ISO 50001:2011 certified.

DIN EN ISO 50001 Certificate as PDF-file