Grafik Konfektionierung

Guidelines for Delivery of Goods


Specification as PDF-file

Delivery times

Monday to Thursday: 7 am - 3 pm
Friday: 7 am - 1 pm

1. Notification 
Any delivery of more than one pallet requires a notification to be sent to by email. The notification must be received by 10 am one working day before the delivery and must contain the Schoepe Display order number and order item as well as the number of pallets. 

If no notification is received, a processing fee of €150.00 will be charged.

2. Delivery note and pallet information
The delivery note must contain the following information:

  • Schoepe Display order number* + order item*
  • Article description*, quantity* and number of pallets* per item
  • Schoepe Display article number per item
  • Total of all pallets to exchange

The pallet must contain the following information:

  • 1D barcode with order number + order item and quantity per pallet
  • The marking must be on the short side.

If information marked with an * is missing from the delivery note, a processing fee of €150.00 will be charged. Deliveries without a delivery note will not be accepted.

3. Vehicle unloading
Vehicles must be able to be unloaded at the ramp from the rear using forklift trucks.
A fee of €50.00/hour will be charged to unload vehicles that cannot be unloaded at the ramp.

4. Pallet requirements
Deliveries should be made on exchangeable Euro pallets (according to DIN 15146-3 or UIC 435-2).

Sheet material should be delivered on suitable disposable pallets with no overhang. At least two connected sides must be stacked flush with the pallet.

    Height + weight
        Standard:  max. height (incl. pallet) 180 cm  max. weight  1,000 kg
        Prints:  max. height (incl. pallet) 120 cm  max. weight  1,000 kg
          Pallets must always be packed according to type (only one article). 
          For different articles with small remaining quantities, one mixed pallet per delivery is permissible. The individual articles must be packed by type in packaging units (e.g. cartons). Each packaging unit must be labelled accordingly (order number + item, article description, quantity). Mixed pallets of this type must be clearly marked. A packing list of the articles and quantities contained must be visibly enclosed.
        Sheet goods
            - One product type per stack
            - Stack temperature not below 10°C
            - Stack humidity at 10°C – 15°C between 30 % and 40 % relative humidity
            - Stack humidity > 15°C between 40 % and 60 % relative humidity
            - Stack pitch max. 10 mm over entire stack height, sheets without offset
            - Plane deviation max. 10 mm over the entire sheet in all directions

                Additional for prints:
                - A proof is attached to the top of each delivery.
                - Waste must be clearly visible and marked in red at the leading edge.
                - Height of waste on top: material <300 g/m² 15 mm; material >=300 g/m² 30 mm
            Activities resulting from non-compliance with the above-mentioned requirements for pallets (e.g. sorting/packing/re-packing of pallets) will be charged at €35.00/hour.
          FB SDB 094
          Version:: 06/20
          Rev.: 02

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