Guidelines for Delivery of Customer Goods


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Central registration
Phone: +49 (33708) 542-362

Delivery address
Schoepe Display GmbH, Incoming Goods, Jüterboger Chaussee 45, 15936 Dahme/Mark, Germany

Delivery times
Monday to Thursday: 7 am to 3 pm
Friday: 7 am to 1 pm

1. Notification
To avoid waiting times during unloading, it is strictly necessary to notify the delivery by sending us a notification by email or contacting us by phone before 1 pm at the latest two working days before the delivery.

2. Delivery note
A delivery note must be enclosed with each delivery (the notification can also be used as a delivery note). Deliveries without delivery note will not be unloaded. The delivery note must contain at least the following information:

    • Article designation
    • Schoepe job or order number
    • Schoepe article number
    • Quantity per article / outer carton in units
    • Delivery note number
    • Total number of pallets / cartons

3. Freight costs
The delivery is carriage free.

4. Customs clearance
Deliveries from abroad will only be accepted if they have passed customs clearance.

5. Unloading the vehicle
Pallets must be loaded so that the vehicle can be unloaded without danger from the rear using industrial trucks on the ramp. Unloading operations from small transporters or cars with trailers, which have to be unloaded in the yard instead of on the ramp, will be charged a lump sum of € 50.00 special expense.

6. Requirements for the packages
The delivery will be made on Euro pallets or in packages. Loosely delivered goods will be packed at your expense.

    Euro pallets

      Euro pallets are standardised according to DIN 15146 or UIC 435-2 (L 1.20 m x W 0.80 m). The maximum loading height (including pallet) is 1.80 m. We shall replace non-Euro pallets with Euro pallets at your expense.

      Pallet layout
      The products must be stacked unmixed and with identical layer structure so that the stacking area is less (minimum 2 to 3 cm) than the pallet area. If the pallets are stacked mixed or irregularly or if they exceed the maximum height and width, we shall replace the pallets with appropriate ones at your expense. The maximum weight of the pallet must not exceed 800 kg.

      The goods must be secured with tightening straps against slipping on the pallet. Only plastic tapes may be used for tightening. If stretch film is used instead or additionally, this must be transparent. We shall secure inadequately secured pallets subsequently at your expense.

      Each pallet shall be marked with an indication of contents on both narrow sides.

      Pallet replacement
      If intact Euro pallets corresponding to the standard have been used as load carriers, these will be exchanged. We shall dispose of other pallets at your expense.

7. Acceptance of the consignment
The delivered goods will be compared with the notified data and received subject to quantity and condition. The number of packing units delivered will be acknowledged to the freight carrier.

8. Failure to comply with the delivery guidelines
If the delivery guidelines are not complied with, we reserve the right to invoice the costs for the extra expense to the contractor for recharging to the causal party, or refuse the acceptance. We shall charge a cost rate of € 30.00 per hour for all work incurred due to deviations from these guidelines.

FB SDB 094
Version: 07/18
Rev.: 01

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