POS Check: Pharmacy - Effective advertising

In case of illness or discomfort, shoppers ask for advice at the pharmacy. Therefore, the point of sale embodies trust, seriousness and competence. The POS Check shows how products are presented in this environment and which legal restrictions have to be observed.

As part of the health system, pharmacies have the task of supplying the population with medicines. At the same time, the POS acts as a contact point for health-related questions. Accordingly, personal conversations, advice and discretion play a central role. During the pandemic, pharmacies also took over citizen tests and vaccinations and issued vaccination certificates. According to the German Pharmacists' Association (DAV), this extra work and special services increased sales in 2021. This year, however, pharmacies should largely return to normal operations. What role does sales promotion play in this? How do pharmacies succeed in emotionally charging the topic of health and getting shoppers excited about certain products? What legal aspects have to be taken into account? Experts from the brand industry and the display scene will provide answers.

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(Source: display magazine, issue 03/2022)
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