Code of Conduct
for Suppliers and Business Partners

""We make every effort to use sustainable business practices in our day-to-day operations while being guided by the highest ethical and social standards. We have been working consistently for years to reduce our carbon footprint and will continue to implement new measures in the future to ensure effective protection of the environment and people in production, logistics and value chains"

Andreas Grathwohl
Managing Partner of Schoepe Display GmbH

As an owner-managed manufacturing company, we are aware of our responsibility in the region, in our country and in the world and stand for sustainable and responsible business practices. With our holistic CSR management policy, we have developed a guide to corporate social responsibility that includes relevant economic, ecological, and social aspects.

The purpose of this code of conduct is to put in more specific terms what we as Schoepe Display are committed to and expect from our suppliers and business partners when working with us. This code thus forms the foundation for our business relationships.


1. Ethical requirements in the business environment/business ethics

1.1. Compliance with laws and regulations
Schoepe Display GmbH expects its suppliers and business partners to comply with all applicable laws and regulations (national and international), minimum industrial standards, ILO and UN conventions and all other legal requirements, whichever is the more stringent in the relevant case.

1.2. Prevention of conflicts of interest
Business decisions should be made solely based on objective criteria. Conflicts of interest with private interests or other business activities must be avoided.

1.3. Prohibition of corruption and bribery
Schoepe Display GmbH strictly prohibits its suppliers and business partners from engaging in any form of corruption or bribery. This does not apply to benefits that fall within the scope of customary local business practices and/or etiquette.

1.4. Antitrust and competition law
In order to protect fair competition, we observe all applicable national, EU and foreign antitrust and unfair competition laws, and we expect the same from our suppliers and business partners.


2. Handling of information

2.1. Protection of confidential information
We expect all business data to be handled in confidence. This includes all non-public business information about Schoepe Display, its customers and/or suppliers.

2.2. Data protection and information security
The protection of the personal data of our employees and business partners is very important to us. We therefore also expect our suppliers and business partners to process such information with the utmost care and caution. This includes compliance with all applicable data protection laws and regulations.


3. Environmental protection and product safety

3.1. Environmental protection
We expect compliance with legal requirements and the adoption of appropriate measures to protect the environment and promote environmentally friendly business practices.

3.2. Product safety
We expect compliance with the agreed or legally prescribed standards.


4. Treatment of employees

4.1. Respect for human rights
Respect for human rights forms an integral part of our corporate social responsibility. We expect our suppliers and business partners to treat all people with respect and fairness, including in the business environment.

4.2. Prohibition of child and forced labour
Child and forced labour is prohibited. Schoepe Display GmbH expects its suppliers and business partners to eliminate all forms of inhumane working conditions in the supply chain.

4.3. Prohibition of discrimination
Employees are recruited only based on their qualifications and skills, observing the principle of equal opportunities for all employees in relation to recruitment and employment.

4.4. Occupational health and safety
Schoepe Display GmbH expects its suppliers and business partners to ensure a safe, healthy and hygienic working environment for all employees.

4.5. Working hours and remuneration
Working hours must comply with applicable national laws, industrial standards or the relevant ILO conventions, whichever is the more stringent. Suppliers and business partners are expected to ensure that employee wages do not fall below the statutory or industry minimum wage.


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