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Grafik Datentransfer

Printing specification

All creations, models and prototypes developed by us are our intellectual property and therefore remain copyrighted for us, even in modified function, form or deviating material.

Please take a moment to read our guide before creating the print data.

Guide as PDF-file

1.  Format
Your Print-PDFs need to be print-ready, onesited, in original size and should be saved as a composite following the PDF/X-4 standard.

2.  Colour Management
Please send us your data in CMYK, profil: ISO Coated v2 (ECI) (Fogra39)

3.  Contours/Areas
The contours provided by us: crease, cut, text, trimbox, bleed, varnish recess, colour recess are not allowed to be changed in any way! 
The contours need to be unchanged in your print file. 

4.  Bleed
The bleed must be at least 10mm.

5. Marks
It is not allowed to use crop or crosshair marks, file names, data, time etc. 

6.  Resolution
The images need to have a resolution of at least 200 dpi.

7.  Spot colours
The spot colours must be clearly defined, for example Pantone, HKS etc.

8.  Fonts
All fonts must be embedded.

9.  Font size
Please refuse to use font-sizes under 8 pt. Using fonts above 8 pt is acceptable.

10.  Line thickness
Positive lines (dark lines on light backgrounds) must have a thickness of at least 0,25 pt  (0,09 mm).
Negative lines (light lines on dark backgrounds) must have a thickness of at least 0,45 pt (0,15 mm).

11.  EAN-Codes
Please create EAN Codes in pure black only. Codes must have a minimum width of 21 mm.

12.  FSC-Logo
To use an FSC Logo, please set a placeholder in a defined spot colour. Furthermore, this placeholder must be set to “overprint“.


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Edition: 08/22
Rev.: 04

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