For the optimum quality of file transfer to Schoepe Display GmbH please use the following options:

Data exchange portal:

After an uncomplicated one-time registration to our data exchange portal you can provide us with your files quickly and first of all safely.

Files up to 15 MB you can send us also by e-mail. For larger files however we recommend to use the transfer via our data exchange portal.

Grafik Datentransfer

Printing specification

All models, sampels and designs developed by us are our intellectual property. They are protected by copyright and continue to be protected even if function, form or material should be modified.

Specification as PDF-file

1. Accepted file formats
Ready to print PDF’s have to be as composite files and in printing quality, according to PDF/X-4 (from PDF-version 1.6 onwards) standard.

2. Colour space
CMYK, Colour profile: ISO Coated v2 (ECI) (Fogra 39)
or PSO Coated v3 (ECI) (Fogra51)

3. Dieline
Please include dieline into PDF, defined in special color, 1 pt thick and set on overprint.

4. Bleed area
10 mm minimum

5. Marks
Please do not include cutting or register marks into PDF.

6. Resolution of images
200 dpi minimum on a 100% scale, 300 dpi is recommended.

7. Spot colours
Special colours must be clearly defined.

8. Size of artwork
Printing file has to be in original size.

9. Ink coverage
Please do not exceed total ink coverage of 300%.

10. Fonts
All fonts have to be embedded or to be converted into vector.

11. Font size
Please avoid font sizes below 6 pt positive (like dark text on a light background).
Please avoid font sizes less than 8 pt negative (like light text on a dark background).

12. Line width
Positive lines (like dark lines on a light background) must have a width of at least 0.25 pt (0.09 mm).
Negative lines (like bright lines on a dark background) must have a width of at least 0.45 pt (0.15 mm).

13. Black composition
Black or grey fonts and objects should be created just in pure black.

14. Proof
We only accept colour proof based on Fogra standard ISO Coated v2 (ECI) (Fogra39) or PSO Coated v3 (ECI)  (Fogra 51) with current full media wedge. We can use this as a valid basis for printing approval. After receipt we will check it for technical feasibility and notify you of any deviations.

15. Identification of print date/files
Name the files with the project number we have provided:
e. g. project number 279812, customer name, description
-> file name: 279812 customer name base short.pdf

FB SDB 093
Version: 09/20
Rev.: 05

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