Schoepe Display Glossary

We want to share our knowledge of the production of print products and displays with you.

  • 1/0-, 1/1-, 4/0-, 4/1- and 4/4-coloured

    1/0-color: The front side is printed in one colour. The reverse side is unprinted.
    1/1-color: The front and back are printed in one colour.
    4/0-color: The front is printed in four colours. The reverse side is unprinted.
    4/1-color: The front is printed in four colours. The reverse side is printed in one colour.
    4/4-color: The front and back are printed in four colours.

  • 1/4 Chep display

    Product-carrying display in basic format 600 x 400 mm. The load carrier is a blue plastic pallet from the company Chep. The superstructures can vary, but are often characterized by bases and stacking trays.

  • 3D standees

    A self-standing figure can have a spatial effect. Schoepe Display has filed its own patent for this.

  • Backing-Card
  • Base

    Product-carrying cube or pedestal made of laminated corrugated board, often with compartments/crossbars for stabilisation.

  • Belt dimensions

    Measurement used by transport companies in relation to L x W x H. Varies and changes depending on the transport service provider. Please check the homepage of the transport company for the latest information.

  • Block poster

    Cardboard poster made of solid layers of cardboard or corrugated cardboard. This makes it a block, more stable and of higher quality.

  • Brand


  • Briefing

    Summarised presentation of all data relevant to a task. It thus represents the basis for the preparation of the offer.

  • Bundle

    Bundle offer: Products and services are combined into a service package and offered at one price. This is often lower than the price one would have to pay if buying the individual components.

  • CAD

    Computer Aided Design - software for three-dimensional product development on the screen.

  • Cardboard

    Generic term for a material made from wood pulp, cellulose, semi-cellulose or waste paper by gluing or pressing together with a large number of different types and qualities as well as packaging / cardboard packaging made from the material. The grammage of cardboard is between 150 and 600 g/m², so that the material extends into the range of both papers and cardboard. According to DIN 6735, cardboard is a general term applied to certain types of paper, which are often characterised by their relatively high strength. Cardboard is the generic term for solid board and corrugated board.

  • Cardboard display / cardboard standee

    Frequently used term for a ➔ Display made of cardboard or corrugated cardboard.

  • Category management

    Structuring of a business location in stationary retailing according to the principle of product groups. Assortment decisions are made against the background of overall assortment success, which is measured by the factors of contribution margin, market share and customer satisfaction.

  • Ceiling dangler

    Advertising material hanging from the ceiling.

  • Chep palett

    Reusable plastic pallet in modular dimensions (e.g. ¼ Chep = ¼ Euro pallet = 40 x 60 cm). Display load carrier used in the rental system.

  • CMYK

    Currently valid colour model for four-colour printing: Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, Key (black portion).

  • Co-packer

    Contract packer who assembles, picks and packs goods on behalf of customers.

  • CO2 footprint

    Ecological footprint that a person leaves on the earth. This can be determined for individuals, but also for companies and for production processes. Schoepe Display has been producing in a CO2-neutral manner since January 2020.

  • Code of Conduct

    Our Code of Conduct specifies the behaviour to which we at Schoepe Display are committed and which we expect from our suppliers and business partners in our cooperation

  • Colour Management

    Basis for colour reproduction that is as similar as possible on different materials and output devices.

  • Composing

    Composing individual images and/or texts.

  • Corporate design / CD

    Graphic appearance of the company, expressed e.g. by logo, slogan.

  • Corporate Identity / CI

    Self-image of a company; expression of the corporate philosophy; uniform graphic and textual appearance internally and externally.

  • Corrugated board

    Corrugated board is a product of paper processing. It is made by gluing together at least one smooth and one corrugated paper web.

  • Counter display

    Small ➔ display that is placed on a shop counter and mainly contains goods or printed matter to grab and go. Often based on the principle of an open folding box. Often also used as a ➔ sales/dispatch unit unit.

  • Cover

    Corrugated cardboard hood that is pulled over a display to protect it from damage and theft.

  • Crowner

    Clip-on poster for floor displays or pallet displays; increases the existing display and thus the perception.

  • Cube

    Decorative element or ➔ base

  • Customer journey

    A marketing term that describes the buyer's journey through the points of contact with the product until the purchase decision is made.

  • Cut edge poster

    Clip-on poster without edge banding

  • Deco service

    Service provider that organises and coordinates decoration campaigns at the POS.

  • Decoration

    Composition of several self-displaying and/or product-carrying displays to form an eye-catching overall image.

  • Digital cutting/lasing

    Cutting/laser process in which the contour is transferred directly from the computer to the cutting machine. The time-consuming production of cutting dies and stripping forms is no longer necessary.

  • Digital printing

    Printing process in which the printed image is transferred directly from the computer to the printing machine and printed. No printing form is required.

  • Dispenser

    Container that is attached to the display for the removal of products and information (flyers, brochures, vouchers).

  • Display

    Advertising medium that can be placed on the floor or on a counter in a store. Display or decoration for sales promotion at the POS. Product or information carrying. The display design relates to the advertised product.

  • Display development

    Process in which the customer's requirements are realised from the idea to the finished display solution. The product presentation and the transport load play a role here, but also sustainability, ease of removal and price.

  • Display figure, standee

    Often life-size figure with or without back support (3D standing figure).

  • Display island

    Combination of several displays with access from all sides. Often supplemented by other display material (e.g. ➔ ceiling danglers).

  • Display wall

    Poster elements that can be connected modularly with connection technology to form large-area cardboard walls.

  • Dumpbin

    The goods are offered to the consumer as bulk goods to "grab". Display construction in which goods are offered unsorted or sorted. Often stackable = stacking dumpbin.

  • EAN - European Article Number

    Belongs to the international article numbers (GTIN - Global Trade Item Number). Machine-readable barcode for the identification of articles and their allocation, e.g. to article groups, product groups or product areas, services or transport units.

  • Eyecatcher

    Attention-grabbing image or text elements.

  • Grain direction

    Preferred folding direction of the paper; of importance in processing, as paper fibres stretch differently in longitudinal and transverse direction due to air humidity.

  • Grammage

    Describes the weight per unit area of a paper, cardboard or the sheets of a corrugated board.


    „Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point System", is used to check compliance with specific hygiene requirements, especially in the area of food and packaging production.

  • Header / Headercard

    ➔ Crowner

  • Heart wing stand

    Fold-out cardboard stands on the back of a display give it more stability. Visually remind of a heart.

  • Hollow frame poster / Hollow block poster

    Specially grooved poster edges can be used to create a frame in one piece with the poster, which has higher stability properties.

  • Honeycomb board

    Three-layer sandwich board with a honeycomb core (according to the honeycomb principle) inside. Very stable and impact-resistant construction, long service life and very good flatness. Honeycomb board is made of recycled paper in combination with test or kraft liner. As it can withstand high vertical pressure, it is very versatile.

  • Laminating

    Mechanical joining of several layers of the same or different materials with the help of laminating additives (e.g. glue).

  • Layout

    Graphic design

  • Light and motion display

    Display in which light sources create optical effects and/or individual parts are moved by electric motors; draws the shopper's attention to the display and the products.

  • Lightweight poster

    Cardboard poster creased and glued on the four edges with a corrugated cardboard format for reinforcement.

  • Me-too-products

    Imitation of products already on the market.

  • Merchandising

    The entirety of the sales promotion measures and activities of the manufacturer of a product, but also used for a sub-function of sales promotion. Its task is to effectively present goods in the trade and to place them in a way that optimises sales. This is usually done by a service provider commissioned by the brand manufacturer or by the sales force.

  • Mock up

    Sample, dummy

  • On-pack-Promotion

    Product samples or supplements are added to the product to be sold. There is a firm connection between the parts so that easy handling is possible in the trade.

  • One-Stop-Shopping

    Possibility to purchase all needed products and services (e.g. cleaning, cobbler, locksmith) with one purchase (e.g. in large shopping centres).

  • Outsourcing

    Permanent outsourcing of certain tasks or departments to third parties (e.g. logistical tasks, display assembly).

  • Rack Jobber

    Service provider who takes care of the maintenance, disposition, labelling and return of the goods for the brand owner.

  • Recess

    Unprinted or unvarnished areas, depending on the motif.

  • Resolution

    Important for print quality. Specified in the units dpi (dots per inch) or ppi (pixels per inch). When creating a print file, it is important to ensure that all elements of the print file are available in the required resolution. We need your image data in a resolution of at least 200 ppi, but 300 ppi is recommended.

  • Retail Promotion

    Individual retail promotion conducted with a special store.

  • Roof display

    Display that is set up in the shape of a roof by means of creasing. Sides open or closed.

  • Sales aid

    Sometimes still used term for display.

  • Sales display

    Sales promoting ➔ Display

  • Sales folder

    Information leaflet for the sales department with sales arguments, product information, discounts and promotion periods.

  • Sales promotion

    Instrument of communication policy within the marketing mix o promote the sale of goods and services with the help of displays, promotions, offers.

  • Sales/dispatch unit

    Display which, in addition to its product-carrying and display function, has the secondary use of transport packaging.

  • Sample

    Prototype of a display. Often also called white sample.

  • Schoepedia

    Customer portal developed by Schoepe Display for improved cooperation with customers. It maps the complete quotation and order phase, provides information on stock levels and offers the possibility of direct and always traceable communication. For further information, please contact

  • Scribble

    Hand sketch

  • Secondary placement

    Promotion placement of an article at the ➔ POS with the help of ➔ displays in addition to the usual regular placement on the shelf to promote the product. Often associated with a promotional price.


    Clean business practices are important to us and our customers. That is why Schoepe Display has been a member of SEDEX (Supplier Ethical Data Exchange - data exchange of ethical supplier data) since June 2011

  • Shelf insert

    Open box that lifts out or separates goods on the sales shelf at the POS.

  • Shelf nose

    Sign at the POS that protrudes from the shelf level at viewing height and draws the consumer's attention to a particular item or special offer.

  • Shelf stopper (wobbler, wipper)

    Punched-out cardboard element that protrudes from the display or sales shelf at the POS - also wobbles - and thus attracts the customer's attention. Often in combination with a plastic element with an adhesive dot.

  • Shelf strip

    Attached to the shelf and indicates a product or is used for price labelling.

  • Shop window decoration

    Usually multi-part display decoration that promotes a product or product family in the shop window. Now generally referred to as visual merchandising.

  • Showcard

    Small poster with back stand, mostly made as a light or block poster.

  • Slipcover

    Hood or semi-folding box made of corrugated cardboard; is placed/ pulled over a fully assembled display, for example, to protect the goods and the display during transport.

  • Special placement

    Time-limited sales promotion campaign on different topics, e.g. seasonal or event-related.

  • Standard displays

    Schoepe Display has developed a range of versatile displays.

  • Standee, die-cut figure, standing figure

    Aufstellfigur aus Wellpappe, häufig in Lebensgröße

    figure made of corrugated cardboard, often life-size

  • Sustainability

    With the "audit-social-responsibility" based on ISO 26000, Schoepe Display has created the framework for its holistic sustainability management.

  • USP

    Unique selling propositon