Sonja Sauerzapfe, our Point of Sustainability:
“Many small steps lead to the goal.”

Sonja Sauerzapfe at the tree

This is the motto of our CSR Officer, Sonja Sauerzapfe. She has been with the company since 2015 and has been in charge of the “Social Responsibility” sustainability project at Schoepe Display since last year.

This Sustainability Audit – based on industry standard DIN ISO 26000 – is a forward-looking project that covers all areas of the company. The project is a matter close to the heart for this nature-loving lady from Lower Saxony, as she is the linchpin of our Sustainability Management approach and can implement ideas and suggestions for improvement – covering all social, ecological and economic areas – quickly and purposefully together with colleagues.

Sonja Sauerzapfe at the sign

We are delighted that Sonja Sauerzapfe is constantly working on environmental protection projects while tirelessly ensuring that workplace conditions are created that result in higher rates of employee satisfaction and efficiency.

Thank you, Sonja!