The CSR Guidelines at Schoepe Display

We introduced holistic Corporate Social Responsibility Management in 2019 and established the following guidelines for this purpose:

  1. Our production is environmentally neutral in line with the idea of a “One World Consumption” approach to consuming resources.
  2. We produce and distribute sustainable displays and also exert influence throughout the value chain.
  3. Our employees are our most important resource. Employer attractiveness and image are, therefore, key to our success.
  4. We bear a regional responsibility for southern Brandenburg and are aware of our contribution to the common good.
  5. Through transparency, communication and the active management of CSR as a key issue, we are able to firmly anchor sustainability in the DNA of Schoepe Display GmbH.

We take responsibility

The relevant areas of action

With CSR Management, we have firmly anchored sustainability in our corporate policy, in order to continuously and systematically develop Schoepe Display and thereby live up to our social responsibility. We are guided by the following seven core topics set out under industry standard DIN ISO 26000, which cover the relevant social, economic and ecological aspects.

Core topic – Organisational management

Organisational management

  • CSR sustainability management as an integral corporate component
  • Appointment of internal and external ambassadors for the sharing of information, sensitisation and awareness-raising regarding the topic of sustainability
  • Sustainable systems and structures
Core topic – Human rights

Human rights

  • Humane working conditions with secure labour rights, proper due diligence, fair pay and zero gender discrimination
  • Political, cultural and religious freedom – diversity and variety
  • Integration of employees with foreign language skills
  • Inclusion – integration of people with disabilities
Core topic – Labour practices

Labour practices

  • Systematic employer marketing
  • Promoting corporate identity
  • Employees’ right of co-determination
  • Flexible working hours
  • Home office/mobile working solutions
  • Social benefits (e.g. flexitime shift models)
  • The appreciation of achievements (culture of praise/reward)
  • Employee health (designing ergonomic workplaces, noise reduction)
  • Employee integration into the sustainability process
  • Employee provisions (subsidised food and refill drinks)
  • Team building offers
Core topic – Environment


  • Compliance with the Paris Climate Agreement
  • Environmental protection
  • Energy and resource efficiency
  • Thermal insulation
  • Use of photovoltaics
  • Waste separation
  • Recycling
  • Sustainable purchasing (fruit/regional produce, reusable tableware)
  • Optimised use of materials (selected and sustainable suppliers)
  • Optimisation of business travel (train instead of plane, electric cars)
  • Digitisation project (paperless office)
Core topic – Fair operating and business practices

Fair operating and business practices

  • All suppliers sign the Schoepe Code of Conduct.
Core topic – Consumer concerns

Consumer concerns

  • Safety management (breakage and child-proofing of the displays)
Core topic – Regional integration and community development

Regional integration and community development

  • Dialogue with regional politics
  • Club sponsorship
  • Volunteering
  • Information about Schoepe’s contribution to the common good