Production site Dahme/Mark

This is where our technical installations (printing up to 2,500 mm, plotting up to 1,700 x 3,100 mm, laminating up to 1,200 x 1,600 mm and die-cutting up to 1,400 x 2,000 mm as well as computer-controlled gluing up to 1,700 x 2,300 mm) effortlessly handle the production of large-scale displays. 15,000 spaces for Europallets as well as areas for manual and assembly work comprising a total of 2,700 m² underpin the flexible range of services we offer; from display production and assembly right up to point-of-sale logistics. And our logistics scope goes even further: depending on the order type, it is also possible to individually assemble customers' orders or package them with displays and send them to traders. An average of 25 lorries leave our production facility daily with pallets and around 1,200 expedited parcels.

Jüterboger Chaussee 45, 15936 Dahme/ Mark