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Environmental protection in the Schoepe Display GmbH - FSC®-Certificate

As an environmentally aware and forward-looking company, Schoepe Display GmbH is FSC® certified. With our FSC® certification, we play our part in preserving the natural habitat by responsible forest management and the ergonomic use of raw cellulose materials. We are able to supply each display with an FSC® certificate and the attached FSC® logo.

FSC® Certificate as PDF-file

FSC® Germany

“The objective of the FSC® is to preserve forests, which it aims to achieve not only by designating protected areas but above all, by encouraging responsible forest management.

Strict criteria that dictate the way in which forests are economically exploited help prevent uncontrolled deforestation, violations of human rights and overall environmental pollution.”

Source: www.fsc-deutschland.de

Schoepe Display GmbH is FSC® certified.