Farewell to Jürgen Schoepe

Jürgen Schoepe was meticulous. As a trained cartographer, he noticed even the smallest deviations; as a prototype maker, his love of solution-oriented tinkering and crafting was awakened. And Jürgen Schoepe was courageous and energetic. In his mid-30s, he took his first step towards professional independence, and in 1984 he founded "his" company: Schoepe Display GmbH. His goal: to produce beautiful displays from cardboard and corrugated board and thus establish a successful company. After reunification, he acquired a company in Dahme/Mark (Brandenburg), which was steadily enlarged in the following years to house the production and packaging of the displays.

Jürgen Schoepe knew every display and he knew every machine - his inventiveness and his pragmatic solution orientation distinguished him. He was a successful entrepreneur who was awarded various prizes and who liked to talk to his employees directly at their workplaces and had an open ear for their worries and needs.

He arranged his succession early on and retired a few years ago. Since then, Andreas Grathwohl has managed the company as managing partner with the support of daughter and co-partner Regina Schoepe.

Jürgen Schoepe passed away on 12 October 2021 after a serious illness at the age of 79. We mourn him and express our gratitude and respect for him by continuing his life's work.