PSD Siegel

Digital Printing Process Standard (PSD)

In 2013, Schoepe Display GmbH became the first company worldwide to be certified for digital printing on corrugated board by the Fogra Forschungsgesellschaft Druck e. V. ( in accordance with Process Standard Digital printing (PSD).

The Fogra body played a key role in defining and establishing the internationally recognised Process Standard Offset printing (PSO). Accordingly and in response to the growing need for process stability in digital printing, Fogra has now developed Process Standard Digital printing (PSD).

FOGRA PSD Certificate as PDF-Format


"The Fogra ProcessStandard Digital Printing (PSD) enables controllable and predictable production in small and large format digital printing through clear interface definitions and objective tests."


10 years Fogra membership

We would like to thank Fogra for all the support and knowledge we have gained over the past few years and look forward to continuing our constructive collaboration.