Our nominees

The Staedtler ‘Ferris wheel special offer display' and the Caparol 'Varnish display‘. At the awards ceremony to be held on 3 July 2017 in Düsseldorf, we would find out which colour statues, if any, we would be bringing home.

POPAI 2017 Staedtler Nominierung

The STAEDTLER Ferris wheel special offer display

Nominated in the category: personal accessories, paper, office supplies, stationery; services.

Designed to look like a Ferris wheel, the display is the size of a ½ pallet display. Two displays are combined to depict an entire Ferris wheel. The product is placed invitingly and strikingly in the different-coloured gondolas and around the Ferris wheel. The pallet, with its colourful coating, is specially produced for the Ferris wheel and is likewise made from corrugated cardboard. At 1.6 m in height, the Ferris wheel is by far the most striking feature at the point of sale.

POPAI Awards 2017 - Caparol Nominierung

The CAPAROL varnish heavy-duty display

Nominated in the category: home, DIY and garden.

The paint and varnish manufacturer CAPAROL has as its trademark a striped elephant. One mock-up welcomes customers as soon as they enter the wholesaler or specialist retailer, giving information on the varnish product range and different ways to use the product. The heavy-duty display is made of cardboard and can bear weights of up to approx. 200 kg. Wooden sample boards on one side of the display show the wide range of colours on offer; on the other side hang catalogues and colour charts.