Our Superstars 2021

At the award ceremony on 27 October 2021 in Frankfurt am Main, we were able to rejoice with our customers over five prizes! 1 x PLATIN, 2 x GOLD, 1 x SILVER and 1 x BRONZE - we are delighted about these award winners.

Kneipp GmbH
Kneipp bath tub

Platinum winner

A bathtub made of cardboard! Where can you find something like that? From September 2019 in selected food retail outlets, drugstores and department stores. And of course at the Display Superstar. Last year, the bathtub won gold in the category cardboard product-carrying (larger than 40x60cm). This unfilled display made of cardboard is the ideal secondary placement tool for promotion areas and gondola heads. The three-dimensional replica of a bathtub attracts a lot of attention from shoppers. In addition, the POS promotion impresses with a high recognition effect thanks to the artwork in line with Kneipp's CI. The shipping dimensions are perfectly optimised: a shipping box cut to Euro pallet format and at the same time also a suitable size for direct take-away by field staff in their cars. A simple folding and plug-in mechanism enables quick and easy assembly. The retail partner decides how the goods are filled according to his wishes. In this way, local characteristics and individual promotions are taken into account.

KIENDL Marketing GmbH
Cyberpunk 2077

Gold winner in the category:
Display with material focus on corrugated cardboard,
basic size > 40 x 60 cm, product-carrying

Welcome to Night City! This display takes shoppers into the world of the computer game bestseller Cyberpunk 2077 and consists of three elements. The two free-standing display units are used as a combination display with two facings. They stage the male and female characters from the game and can be supplemented by a goods tower. The Cube, on the other hand, is a self-presenting, walk-in display. It is four metres long, two metres wide and 2.50 metres high. Shoppers can walk into the display, sit on a tattoo couch and watch the game trailer on a large screen. Among other safety aspects, the ceiling construction also had to be "sprinkler system capable". Access panels provide the power supply for the big screen. The display was produced in a CO2-neutral way and consists of digitally printed, FSC-certified corrugated board. A printed plastic foil was used for the illuminated collar to achieve the necessary light refraction in front of the LED lamps.

Schoepe Display GmbH
Easter present 2021

Gold winner in the category:
Display with material focus on corrugated board,
basic size < 40 x 60 cm, information-carrying

Due to the postponement of the European Football Championship 2020, we have surprised our customers with a packaging that becomes a goal machine when the front flap is pulled down, a Tipp-Kick ball is placed and the ball is hammered into the corner of the goal. A clever rubber mechanism makes it possible. This turns the little Easter present into a football event in the living room. The winner is rewarded with jelly babies. The campaign was flanked by a social media photo campaign as part of the marketing activities.

Beam Suntory Deutschland GmbH
Kilbeggan Irish Portfolio

Silver winner in the category:
Display with material focus on corrugated board,
basic size < 40 x 60 cm, product-carrying

This secondary placement display takes you on a journey to Ireland. The motifs on the back wall and the sign above the barrels support the overall impression. This creates associations around wood, Ireland and whiskey, matured in the barrel. At first glance, shoppers do not suspect that the display is made entirely of cardboard. The sturdy construction of the barrels not only enhances the appealing look, but also offers sufficient carrying capacity for the contents. In addition to the focus on the Kilbeggan brand, two other Irish whiskey brands are advertised, each with space on one level. The display is delivered erected to the food retailer or specialist beverage store and is filled and refilled on site by the sales force.

STYLEX Schreibwaren GmbH
STYLEX Pirate Ship

Bronze winner in the category:
Display with material focus on corrugated cardboard,
basic size > 40 x 60 cm, product-carrying

All aboard! The STYLEX pirate ship consists of four quarter-pallet displays with a perforated back panel, which are fixed to a Euro pallet. In front of them is the bow. Here, a pirate at the steering wheel greets you as an eye-catcher. The pirate can also be seen on the rear view, framed by 2 pencils, and on the sides. The ship is made of strong corrugated board, is compact and durable. The complete set is delivered fully loaded with merchandise and almost fully assembled to the trade. In the trade, only the bow and the pallet cover have to be attached. This way, despite the size, an impressive placement with a wow effect is created in just a few steps.