Our Superstars 2022

Yesterday evening we were able to cheer 6 times in the Rheingoldhalle in Mainz! Platinum, 3 x gold, silver and bronze - these are our winning displays this year.

KIENDL Marketing GmbH
Cyberpunk 2077

Platinum winner

Welcome to Night City! This display takes shoppers into the world of the computer game bestseller Cyberpunk 2077 and consists of three elements. The two free-standing display units are used as a combination display with two facings. They stage the male and female characters from the game and can be supplemented by a goods tower. The Cube, on the other hand, is a self-presenting, walk-in display. It is four metres long, two metres wide and 2.50 metres high. Shoppers can walk into the display, sit on a tattoo couch and watch the game trailer on a large screen. Among other safety aspects, the ceiling construction also had to be "sprinkler system capable". Access panels provide the power supply for the big screen. The display was produced in a CO2-neutral way and consists of digitally printed, FSC-certified corrugated board. A printed plastic foil was used for the illuminated collar to achieve the necessary light refraction in front of the LED lamps.

Beam Suntory Germany GmbH
Large Placement Laphroaig Liquid and Learn + Smoke House

Gold winner in the categories:
Display with material focus on corrugated board,
basic size > 40 x 60 cm, product-carrying

and Special Design Award (Jury Special Award)

The Laphroaig Liquid and Learn display was preferably placed at tastings in food retail outlets and was often combined with the Laphroaig Smoke House display. The promotion period was approx. 3 to 4 weeks per outlet. Both displays impress with clear contours, whereby the Smoke House conveys the product characteristic "smoke" through the special design and corresponding printing of the roof: it actually looks as if smoke is coming out! For both displays, the client's requirements in terms of visual appearance, product presentation and stability were paramount. We combined a simple and quick set-up with a high load-bearing capacity, which was of particular importance due to the heavy weight of the bottles. The Liquid and Learn display offers various set-up options thanks to a variable angular position of the rear wall. The two pedestals offer space for individual designs and thus attract shoppers.

Thomas Henry GmbH
Export E-Com Box variable assembly

Gold winner in the category:

Right at the start of the summer drinks season, Thomas Henry offers its customers a multifunctional box for the international market. The box, printed in high gloss offset from EE corrugated board, is square with a side length of 30 cm and is used exclusively for premium products. It can be flexibly equipped with variable inserts, which at the same time guarantee a particularly high level of protection for the products. With the help of a rubber band that is placed around the respective bottle, even different bottle sizes find their safe place in the box. The customer can assemble the box individually at the beverage retailer and take it with him or have it sent to him by his retailer.

Franckh-Kosmos Verlags-GmbH & Co. KG
Shop window decoration 200 years of Kosmos

Silver winner in the category:
Small series corrugated board

The Stuttgart-based KOSMOS Verlag is celebrating its 200th anniversary with a large shop window decoration in the specialised toy trade.  With a height of almost 2 metres and a width of 2 ½ metres, this display attracts the attention of shoppers at the POS already by its size - which can be reduced to a small packaging size for shipping. The front with its 3D appearance captivates with a rotating wind wheel and two robot eyes flashing with the help of LEDs. The presentation is rounded off by decorative cubes showing well-known brands of the publisher such as "Die drei ???", "CATAN" or "EXIT® - Das Spiel".

Ravensburger Verlag GmbH
decoration campaign "Painting by Numbers"

Bronze winner in the category:
Display with a material focus on corrugated board,
basic size > 40 x 60 cm, self-displaying

Anyone can paint - with "Painting by Numbers"! The design of this decorative campaign is based on the brand campaign for this Ravensburger product range. With a height of approx. 1.60 m, the display appeals to both children and adults at the POS. The three-dimensional display gives the impression of splashes of paint, the colours coming from the "paint pots" belonging to the set-up. This decoration was mainly placed in specialised stores, where the modular system made it possible to take different spatial conditions into account. Bright colours and an eye-catching design invite visitors to linger.