pappe3D is your brand for unique articles made of corrugated board and cardboard, which you can easily design and order in our online shop.

We start with a product that everyone should get at least once in their life: a school or sugar cone. Choose one of our predefined themes and then change the design in the editor according to your wishes. You can choose different backgrounds or exchange, enlarge or move individual elements. Of course, the name of the child must not be missing and a picture anyway! The cone is then produced sustainably and sent to your home in a climate-neutral way.

But of course it doesn't stop with the school/sugar cones. There are already a several ideas for customisable products made of cardboard waiting on our desks to be implemented in the next step.

Eila Mölk is one of the two people responsible for building the brand. She has been involved in the pappe3D project from the beginning and will take care of all online marketing activities now that the webshop has gone live. Before joining Schoepe Display, she first completed an apprenticeship as a business administrator in foreign trade and then started a degree in tourism management. pappe3D will now be part of her bachelor's thesis. Originally a northerner from Hamburg, she currently lives in Bavaria. She has already lived in a few cities around the world such as Québec, Canada - so she speaks fluent French.

Leo Grathwohl completes the management of the pappe3D team. He is responsible for internal processes and product development. He is also currently studying business administration in his 4th semester in Berlin. He is not originally from the capital either, but was born in Bremen. However, he has lived in Berlin since his childhood. During his school years, Leo spent a year in Argentina in a small village in the subtropical zone and therefore speaks fluent Spanish.

Our motivation

In Germany, cardboard has an almost closed material cycle and can be recycled several times and reprocessed into new cardboard. We want to promote the current process of growing sustainability by not only producing our products sustainably, but also using the recyclable materials cardboard and corrugated board for this purpose. However, it is just as important to us that our customers can show their individuality and design the products themselves. Schoepe Display's experience in digital printing helps us to achieve these goals. Leo already knows the company and its processes and has worked here several times during his holidays. Eila is new to the business, but has been heavily involved with the topic of sustainability due to her studies in tourism. And so the two are united by a common goal: to make the world a little bit better and more individual.