Product-carrying Displays
150 | Counter display 1-2 Facings

Compartment for 14 CDs (jewel case) or 10 DVDs (Amaray-Box) Books, games, calendars, etc. can also be placed in the compartments depending on their size.

Display consists of:

crowner printed on one side counter display, assembly instructions

Display outer measurements (L x B x H):

without crowner15,5 x 20,3 x 19,4 cm
height of crowner16 cm

Inner measurements / Load of tray:

box 14,3 x 16 cm
  • Step for CDs (2 facings, 7 CDs fit in one compartment)
  • Transport packaging for delivery of assembled displays


Warentragende Displays Thekendisplay 1 Facing
Warentragende Displays Thekendisplay 2 Facings