Sustainable sales promotion - transparency at the POS

In times of political unrest, when resources are becoming scarce and supply bottlenecks are becoming more frequent, a rethink is necessary. The call for more sustainability in all areas is getting louder. This topic has also recently reached the POS. New sales promotion strategies are needed, because the sustainable shopper is demanding.

The topic of sustainability is on everyone's lips. Companies, trade and politics are increasingly committed to sustainability goals, such as the reduction of CO2 emissions, environmentally friendly production or even a longer life span of products. Concepts such as the European Green Deal, which aims to reduce net emissions of greenhouse gases to such an extent that Europe becomes climate-neutral by 2050, are forcing companies and trade to react. In addition to in-house targets, sustainable sales promotion is becoming increasingly relevant in companies.

But what does the sustainable shopper value? What can sustainable sales promotion look like? What consequences or even opportunities does the topic of sustainability bring for the display industry?

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(Source: display magazine, issue 02/2022)
Sustainable sales promotion